T-shirt Printing Job Problems? Try us.

If you are a resident of Pantukan, Compostela Valley and looking for a solution to your printing job problems, try and visit us. 

Our imprinta, atbp shop is located at Roxas Street, Townsite, Kingking, Pantukan, Philippines.

See our WORKS.

Let us combine our creativity and ideas and create a good design and prints together. 


  1. Nice spot you got there Rom! I think you forgot to include "LOGO DESIGN" into your services. I know how good you are on that, thanks for the one that myou made me. I still owe that to you!

    1. Yeah. I noticed it lately. Got to update this post soon.
      I am very glad you liked my logo design, you never even ask for another layout. Thanks for trusting me on that sir. It's my pleasure to work with you.